Business and Management Consulting

Implementation and certification of management systems in accordance with international standards represent a priority for organizations in order to fulfil the requirements for the integration of Romania into the European Union.

The current situation in which very few handicraft cooperatives have implemented and certificate a quality management system according to ISO 9001, made us seek solutions to come to the aid of colleagues, but not only in carrying out these actions absolutely mandatory to ensure continuity of business in a globalized world, with a competitive environment increasingly aggressive.

With the help of our staff with experience in project financing, implementing management systems and auditing you can implement now in your organization:

  • quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001
  • environmental management system in compliance with ISO 14001
  • occupational health and safety system in compliance with OHSAS 18001
  • Integrated management systems

The expanses of implementation and certification of management systems can be met through financial support provided by a number of programs funded by the Romanian Government or the European Union.

Our offer includes consulting services to implement a management system , to get it ready to be certificated, and also to grant financial support:

  • analyzing processes and activities within the organization (initial diagnosis) and planning actions for designing and implementing management system;
  • training management team and key people within the organization to accustom themselves to the standards; describing the project implementation and operational management system;
  • documentation of management system (drafting the manual,the procedures)
  • assistance in the operational implementation of management system
  • internal audit to evaluate whether the policies and processes are designed and operating effectively and to provide recommendations for improvement, including pursuance of corrective actions
  • support for maintainance and improvement of the certificated management system
  • preparing documentation to obtain financial assistance grant *
  • tracking the progress of the financing according to established stages and deadlines *

* if you fulfil the conditions of eligibility to receive financial assistance grant

Implementation of a management system varies, depending on human resources and materials available to your organization, between several months and one year. If you accept our offer, you will be able to make this action in a very short time and with minimum effort.

Costs of implementation and certification of a management system are based on several factors: the number of areas of activity, the number of localizations, personnel structure, etc.

Please fill in the online form, send it, and you will get our answer as soon as possible.

Payment of consultancy services can be made in installments!

We recommend you start with a call to be advised, free of charge:

  • to select management system best suited for your organization
  • to access grants for implementation and certification of management system
  • to evaluate certification bodies
  • to identify the investments to be made to implement management system
  • to assess total costs for implementation and certification