Execution and repairs of garments

We achieve a wide range of products in small series or in order:

  • clothing for women: dresses, skirts, blouses, suits, trousers, blazers, coats
  • clothing for men: trousers, blazers, suits, shirts, coats
  • regimentals and other uniforms
  • clothing for work – overall
  • sports clothing: coats, golfers, shorts, breeches, trousers
  • miscellaneous textile articles: curtains, bed linen
  • clothing accessories: hats, artificial flowers


We perform repairs of clothing articles and other textile garments.

We can maintain the won market position by:

◊ providing quality products and services, as well as rigorous processes

Design and production of garments in small series perform in quality management system integrated with the environmental management system and management system of occupational health and safety in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, being certified, starting from 2006, by SRAC and IQNet. This performance was achieved with financial support from the state budget by the Program for Increasing Competitiveness of Industrial Products.

Thus, the organization guarantee its concern to obtain maximum quality in terms of minimum risks.

◊ competence of staff

With an experience of over 50 years in clothes, our staff is trained in traditional school of arts and handicrafts and is very appreciated by customers.

Stuff training is a continuous process in order to maintain achieved performance.

We are looking to maintain the professionals and also to attract new employment by providing all conditions of employment, occupational health and safety, incentive pay.

◊ facilities

Our investments have been targeted since 2000, in two directions:

  • introduction of new technologies for productionA wide range of performant equipment brand Brother has been purchased: sewing simple and special equipment, pressing and ironing machines, termocolating machines.
  • improvement of work environmentWork spaces have been reorganized and equipped with PVC joinery and thermo-insulating glass, air conditioning equipment, so as to ensure optimal conditions for work. Toilets with shower baths and locker rooms, dining halls, chargers of purified water have been arranged.

Our client portfolio includes:

  • public institutions: Ministry of National Defense, Protection and Guard Service, Romanian Information Service, General Directorate of Prisons, Romanian RLY Gevaro, General Directorate of Customs, Metrorex, Romanian Police, Municipal Police , Romanian Gendarmerie, Romanian Aviation Academy, Self-governing Department for Administration of the State Heritage and Protocol, Chamber of Deputies, Special Telecommunications Service;
  • Carol Davila Theater Pitesti, Bucharest National Theater, Circus Globus, private firms, such as: Guard One, Interguard Group, Fortza Prod Com;
  • companies abroad: Italy, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Russia;
  • population.